Alaska Website Design

I love building things. I love working with my hands and using tools. One look at my hands would prove that. I also love fixing things that don’t work very well, or work at all. My range of projects vary from the barn on our property, our late(ish) model vehicles, my family’s homes, and of course – websites.


I love it when the things that are designed to function a certain way work, and work well. Almost to an obsession. This can be a source of bewilderment to those around me. However, for someone who allows me to be a part of a project with you, I am tireless in achieving the best possible results!


Ownership is something I take very seriously when it comes to the work I do. It should be that way because a good name is certainly tied to what that name brings. I will not rest and call anything complete until I am satisfied with the outcome. I have a meticulous nature that can often exceed the expectations of my clients.  For you – this is not a bad thing!

I have an educational background that includes a degree in communications. I also have extensive education in the human services field, as well as experience in emergency services, large and small group environments, and a hodgepodge of several other areas. I use much of my experiences and education to relate to a variety of people and organizations. I believe this is key to understanding their needs to the depth that allows me to connect with them in a way that equips me to represent those needs in the work that I do as a website designer or other projects.

Let's find out if I am for you!

Alaska Website Design