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Why have “Maintenance Plans?” 


Great question!


I incorporate service plans for two reasons:


First, it maximizes my efficiency on projects because I do not need to keep track of time while working.  This allows me to dedicate more time on quality work instead of time spent record tracking and invoicing.


Second, it’s about keeping content new and fresh on your website. Google loves fresh and new content.  Google will periodically “crawl” your website to discover what it’s about and takes note when there are changes.  Since the maintenance plans are billed each month, this naturally encourages website owners to be proactive in keeping their content fresh and up to date.


My website maintenance packages are designed to meet the needs of any website.  These maintenance plans are for WordPress websites that I provide hosting for, or one that you host.  All websites I design for my clients automatically receive the Lite plan, free of charge.  

Annual Service Plans


Included with new web design
  • WordPress and plugin updates
  • Daily file backups

A Light Dusting

  • All Lite plan features
  • 1 to 2 content updates per month
  • 1 to 2 business day response

Active Website

  • All Lite plan features
  • Up to 5 content updates per month
  • 1 to 2 business day response

Dynamic Website

  • All Lite plan features
  • 5 plus content updates per month
  • 1 to 2 business day response

All of the service plans are billed monthly and require an annual contract. Each plan is billed monthly.  You can also upgrade your service plan at any time!

How to request updates

A request to update the content of your website is simply made via a Work Request.  All clients who are enrolled in any of the service plans above simply walk through the guided, interactive form to make their request.  If you need to up upload files such as media or documents, you may do so with your request.

Some examples of content updates and changes

  • Add or replace media content on existing web pages
  • Add or replace owner supplied graphical content
  • Update textual content on existing pages
  • Update contact forms
  • Update specialized contact or registration forms

Examples of requests not covered under a maintenance plan

  • Request to add additional page to website
  • Redesign of any page or pages of the website
  • Add new specialized form requiring logic to website
  • Add Ecommerce to website

Requests such as the ones above that are not covered under an annual maintenance plan are certainly doable. 


Do you have new ideas about what your business or organization is doing and would like to see that materialize on your website?


  Awesome!  Lets talk about them!

Website Hosting

I provide website hosting through a third party website hosting company – GoDaddy.  I use GoDaddy because they provide the tools I need to host, manage and keep websites in tip top shape.  With unparalleled cPanel support, FTP, daily backups and email integration, I am able to manage every aspect of your website. 


Sometimes needs change and it is time to part ways with a client.  Another great reason I choose this hosting option is that if it is time to move on and change providers, it is easy to do!  I can easily have you on your way very quickly.

Contact and registration forms on Steroids

Websites have an amazing ability to make the way you do business easier and more streamlined.  Do you need specialized contact or registration forms? Do you need smart forms that organize and capture information, handle payments and registrations that even package it all up in convenient Google documents? 

How about HIPAA compliant forms?


I can provide these specialized forms through Jotform™ integration.  Jotform™ is a third party platform I use to build specialized forms that are imbedded into your website.

Mobile Responsive Web Design

Gone are the days when you only used a desktop or laptop computer to view the internet.  Mobile devices make up at least 50% of the devices used to access the internet… and it is growing.  The same goes for your website.  In many cases you can expect your website to be viewed half of the time by mobile devices.  In SOME cases, your website will ONLY be viewed on a mobile device.  


I design websites that look as good and function as well on a mobile device as they do on the desktop.  You would not want a website that causes you to loose potential customers, clients and visitors because a poor mobile experience.

"I have known Ken Outten for nearly a decade as a friend and in the last year and a half professionally. His work whether it be the development of my website, company brochures, newsletters or the development of professional proposals, has not only been top quality, but done in a timely manner. I can't imagine trying to build my organization without his services."
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