A nice looking logo – improved

Story behind the project

Business logo design

Boat Works of Alaska recently contacted us for help with its logo.  They had a nice logo designed by a family member. It worked very well with their website and other types of printed media.  However, they ran into a problem when they needed to use their logo for a large banner they were making for an upcoming event.

The logo was designed at a resolution that was not usable in larger display applications.  We had the privilege of taking a great-looking logo and recreating it with a much higher resolution that looks sharp and clear when used on larger displays.

There isn’t a cookie-cutter way of reproducing an existing graphic.  It requires taking an image, and with the skill of software and a mouse, re-draw it by hand.  We were not able to make their new logo look exactly the way the current one did, particularly in the center circle image.  The current logo had a blue-hued light ray that was difficult to duplicate.  With that in mind, we were able to redesign the logo within a 98% match.  We would love to achieve a 100% match, but the new logo is now ready for banners as big as a boat!