Alaska Made It gets their first website!

Story behind the project

A new online outlet for Alaskan craftsmen

Alaska Made It, LLC is an unusual project for us.  We were approached by a future entrepreneur all the way from Switzerland.  We ordinarily do not accept clients from outside the country, but in this case, we made an exception.  We were intrigued by the owner's idea of creating an online store presence as an outlet for products made in Alaska.  This website will serve as a place where Alaskan vendors can register their store and their products on a centralized website. It is sort of like a co-op store but online.

This website was a first-time project for us where we had to create a vendor registration tool that allows other businesses to create a mini-store of their own right on the website.  Since the launch of this website, the business owner has decided to discontinue, and the website is no longer live.