Are we right For you

Thank you for your interest in our web design studio.  We understand that you have many options for professional web design.  We are happy you have taken the time to consider us!

Are we the right website design agency for you

Are we a good fit for you?

We would love to claim we are the right website design company for EVERYONE!  But truthfully, we do not get to make that decision.  When it comes to something as crucial for your business or organization, the choice that needs to be made about who builds your website is YOURS.

It is your business.  It is your website.  It is YOUR choice.

Please look over the information below.  We hope it makes it easier for you to be acquainted with us enough to make the BEST decision for your company or organization.  If we are the right fit for you, please CONTACT us to get started.


Our primary interest is helping you achieve your goals.  Period.  We have no interest in building you a website if it is merely something to check off your to-do list with no regard to how it will impact your company or organization.  We want to partner with you to create something that will make what you do BETTER and EASIER.

We design websites with WordPress to create custom websites.  We do not use templated designs and merely try to customize something that looks like countless other websites that are designed in that way.

WordPress is a content management system that was originally developed as an Open Source platform for blogging.  Since its inception, WordPress has gained nearly limitless capabilities for advanced web design through the use of pieces of added software called plugins.  We utilize these plugins to design websites to meet the very specific needs of our clients.  But not too many!  We only use what is necessary and keep plugins down to a minimum.

If you have a website that you would like updated or redesigned, and it is not a WordPress site, we will gladly discuss with you how we can convert it to WordPress!

We work with a broad spectrum of businesses and organizations primarily in Alaska.  We feel it is very important to have the opportunity to have meaningful contact with our clients.  We do provide services to clients out of state on a case-by-case basis.

As a matter of transparency and honesty, we do not claim to be experts in every industry or interest.  However, in cases where we are asked to design something we have not previously had experience in, we do tons of research!  Part of what we do for our clients is becoming the experts on WHO you are and WHAT you do.

The cost to design a website is based primarily on the size of the website.  The bigger or more complex the site, the more it will cost to design it.  Building websites the RIGHT way is a tremendous amount of work!

We offer a range of services that start from our One Page Wonder starting at $700 and up.  The average cost of a 5-page website is generally in the range of $3000.  Your cost may vary depending on the size of your project.

If you want some additional insight on the REAL cost of website design, read our article.

If a website project timeline was completely dependent on us then the answer is simple.  On average, we are able to complete a new website from contract signing to live hosting in about 4 – 6 weeks.

One of the main factors in what is needed for website design is CONTENT.  We rely on the content, which includes textual and media (images and video), that our clients supply. In some cases, we can develop content for our clients when this is a challenge for them.  We can also procure media with proper usage rights as well, but these add extra costs and time to a project.

Our contracts are written to help maximize the time we spend on your project and make the process as efficient as possible.

We look forward to working with you. We truly want to be a part of making your website successful.  If you feel we are a good fit for you, the please contact us!

Ken Outten website designer