Longspring Solar, LLC updates its website

Longspring Solar is an Alaskan-based solar power and power storage company headquartered in Eagle River, Alaska. They specialize in “Focusing on bringing the right renewable energy solutions for cold climates to Alaskans at a great price.” When we began working with the company owners, we quickly became impressed with their quality of work and special attention to using quality components on every job.

Longspring Solar had an existing website they wanted to renovate to showcase their product line and services. Their previous website was built using WooCommerce, an excellent tool for selling products online. However, although Longspring Solar showcases its products, they do not sell online directly. With this in mind, we enjoyed rebuilding their website in a much more efficient way that sped up the performance and ease of updates down the road. It was our pleasure to work with Longspring Solar. If you are in the market for renewable energy solutions in Alaska, you will definitely want to call them.

Comming soon...