Outten Ridin’ Ranch updates their website

Story behind the project

The Outten Ridin’ Ranch has been in business for over 6 years.  They have grown and changed (rapidly) since the day came they opened their barn doors.  Their initial goal was to provide another horse boarding opportunity for Anchorage.  Since then, they have become known as a jewel for stable accommodations due to their quiet setting, beautiful barn, and top-notch care they provide their horses.

This past summer, they began providing horseback lessons when the number of available stalls began to lessen.  Even though they still board other people’s horses, they felt ready to have another way to connect with the local horse community.  Soon they had to establish a waitlist (like they did for boarding).  But one thing was clear, the demand for horseback riding lessons meant they would continue with the barn’s next chapter.

With the changes Outten Ridin’ Ranch has experienced, they felt ready to update their existing website.  We have to say that we have designed the previous website as well as the new one.  We enjoyed rebuilding a website that performed even better than the last one with a much more updated and cleaner appearance.

We absolutely love our new website! Over the years, our barn, as a business has grown. Our website needed to grow with it. We love how our new website takes many of the tasks we once had to do on our own and completely automates them.