Shop Alaska’s New Website!

Shop Alaska is an online resource that provides local Alaskan businesses and non-profits with a place to call home. It is a resource and an alternate online shopping experience that caters to local Alaskans. When someone is looking for the convenience of having one place to go to find goods or services or information about organizations strictly in Alaska, Shop Alaska leads the way.

Their website platform showed his age and was built over ten years ago. Understanding the need to create a new, modern, and better-performing website, they began their partnership with us to build a new platform. This project also involved a partnership with a local Alaskan marketing expert whose collaboration was a big part of making this project successful.

We are thrilled with their new website. Now that it is running, we’ve even referred a few businesses to them. You should check them out and see what is available in your local Alaskan communities. If you are a business or nonprofit group wanting additional digital exposure to enhance your organization, you should consider these guys seriously!

Comming soon...