St. Tikhon of Moscow Orthodox Church upgrades their website

Story behind the project

Beautiful Church, beautiful website

St. Tikhon of Moscow Orthodox Church is located in south Anchorage on a beautiful campus just off Old Seward Highway.  They contacted us to help them redesign their existing website which was not serving their parish very well.  After COVID, as with many other churches, they needed a better way to make their services accessible to their parishioners.  The church is very active in its ministry and events as well.  They needed a website that would allow their parishioners to stay connected while staying safely at home.

It was our pleasure to work with St. Tikhon of Moscow Orthodox Church.  We had the opportunity to use a video header on their home page due to their recent drone photography session.  This is something we have been wanting to do for a long time!  We also added a small online store that is sure to grow.

If you have a few minutes, pop over to their website and check them out!