Wildlife Technology Frontiers gets a website

Story behind the project

The science of marine predator tagging

Wildlife Technology Frontiers is a marine research organization whose mission is stated, “We are Marine Scientists interested in unraveling the mysteries of animal movement in our coastal oceans, their space use, and interactions between multiple species of marine predators and prey.”

This organization reached out to us to partner with them on their first website so that it could be a source of information on Alaskan marine life.  Their focus is currently on predators and is highlighted as their current work.  As a web design agency, we are the first consumers of the content that goes into a website.  The information found on this website was interesting and educational.  We hope that it serves as a useful educational resource for those who are interested in learning more about marine predator tagging.

It was our pleasure to partner with Wildlife Technology Frontiers in both the design of their logo and website!